SPOTLIGHT ON Clark Vaillant
Clark Vaillant
Letzter Besuch  Fr März 29, 2019 11:37 am
Louisvilles hottest policeman (that should be his name in every telephone book) has just bought his dream car, moved into his very first own appartement and definitely doesn't know what the lady he slept with two days ago is called - all of that at an age of 22. In all honesty, that sums up his life pretty nicely and even tho he can be a real dick sometimes, most people like him. That's a lie. Most people don't, but that mostly applies to other men. And maybe the women he left behind but, as he likes to say, that is none of his business anymore. As we said - a dick. But a charismatic one, with loads of humour and damn, that body in that uniform!
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